Mykee's programs combine both his professional acting talents and his psychological training. His mission is to create an atmosphere of worldwide inclusion, not just tolerance, towards all people. He has worked extensively with all age groups in the United States and in other countries. His work has included peer mediation, diversity trainings, gender equity workshops, and violence prevention seminars. [...]


What He Does

You Don’t Know Me Until You Know Me

Dr. Michael Fowlin, better known as Mykee, is no stranger to the stage. He has been formally acting since age 11, but started creating voices at age 9.

What He Does

Writing on the Walls

I read this plea on a street wall in my town. Whoever you are, you are more beautiful than cheap, more powerful than your pain, and one day, all of this yuck, festering in your pores like clogged oil, may one day be the nacre you use to create the pearls out of your pain.

What He Does

Why I continue to do what I continue to do

Breaks my heart… Message Dear Dr. Follin, You visited my school today and I was moved by your speech. I know I am not supposed to give information out to strangers, but you seem to be the only one who really understands me. I tried very hard to get up to you on the stage, […]

What He Does

Turning the Mirror in the Right Direction

Turning the Mirror in the Right Direction “Pigs are extremely smart, sociable creatures, and this forced assembly-line intimacy makes the nursing sows want to die. Which, as soon as they dry up, they do….Even the idea of this practice I find repulsive. But the sight of it actually does something to you, makes you less […]

What He Does

The Interesting Lives of Zebras

The interesting life of zebras. Zebras are peaceful creatures. They play together. They feed together. They try to bother no one. However, if one zebra is attacked by a lion, the other zebras do not run away. They stand around and watch. They do nothing. Individual zebra behavior is not the way I wish to […]

What He Does

The beat down…for the love of God

This story is very powerful. Having been someone who was shaped by a molestation from an older neighborhood boy, I think my father or brother, Roy, would have done the same thing to the perpetrator. Still, the final quote that this article includes from the father, I find unintentionally hilarious. To clear the record, Mr. […]

What He Does

Sonder Moment — Tom the Whistler

I travel quite extensively. At some airports, there are shuttle buses that take passengers to the car rental facilities. I have seen quite a bit of bus drivers in my time of traveling. Yet, only one bus driver’s name I can recall. His name is Tom. I like to call him — Tom the Whistler. […]

What He Does


An 8th grade student introduced me to this word the other day that I’m trying to figure out ways in which to start a movement with it. The word is SONDER.   Sonder   n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own—populated with their own […]

What He Does

Reflections on Trump

I haven’t shared much about my political opinions regarding this presidential race, especially as it pertains to Donald Trump. On a quick scan, he espouses beliefs that are antithetical to many of my core positions. His misogynist and xenophobic responses are off-putting. His penchant to readily sue people, and thus, use the court system as […]

What He Does

Last Words

Last Words Years ago, while in graduate school, I took a sexuality course at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ), co-taught by Drs. Raymond Rosen and Sandra Lieblum. Dr. Rosen provided the rigor and dry humor that sex can have at times; whereas, Dr. Lieblum engaged us with her brilliance and […]

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