From an early age, children get asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” This question is based with an inaccurate, underlying assumption: People are not capable of making an impact on this world until they join some profession, receive a degree, or attain a certain level of status. This is a dangerous and misguided philosophy. Thankfully, many youngsters do not hold claim to this limitation.

A seven year old girl was once asked why she believed that she could make a difference in the world. With a few missing teeth, a bright smile, and the wisdom of an ancient sage, she uttered, “Even small crayons make bright marks, silly!” And with those words come a program directly aimed at those small crayons. Dr. Mykee Fowlin and Ms. Tania Alexandra are the co-authors of this exciting and engaging two person show that is aimed at grade levels 3-5.

Mykee and Tania use the mediums of performance art (i.e., acting, music, storytelling) to reach their audiences. They have created a powerful show, with an underlying theme of inclusion and acceptance of differences. They challenge audience members to practice small acts of kindness that will have the effect of saving the world. Their program is not limited to the overused references of bully prevention. They prefer focusing upon improving the behavior of zebras, and Dr. Fowlin has coined the expression, “Don’t be a zebra, unless you can be like the zebras.”
Children will walk away empowered and understood, realizing that changing the world is no more complex than seeing those who are alone, and helping them to feel less alone. It doesn’t take a title to live a life that is a testimony of character.