Welcome to the M.A.P. Project

Engaging professional development experiences for educators, students, coaches, players and business organizations.

Promoting Optimal Individual and Organizational Mental Health

Our program explores how pathways for self-care, social-emotional experiences and mindfulness strategies can be implemented in daily life by looking at our M.A.P. pillars of wellness:

  • Mindset: can be understood & improved. We can shift our Mindsets — from more negative to more positive (or even optimal)!
  • Abilities: can be natural, inherited, biological, growing, or fixed. Most often abilities can improve or mature with effort, opportunities, learning, & time.
  • Pathways: are impacted by different Mindsets & Abilities of individuals, groups, & systems. We can make choices about our Pathways, including in key moments.

About Us

Our founders are Dr. Mykee Fowlin, a world-renowned presenter and keynote speaker, Dr. Mark Weiner, a clinical psychologist and consultant for athletes, teams, and businesses, and Mr. Dennis Morolda, an educational consultant, social-emotional learning coach and motivational speaker.

We Can't Wait To Work With You

We'd love to connect with you to tell you a bit more about how we can help you and the ones you care the most about live in a more healthy, fulfilling way. Contact us via the "Get in Touch" email address in our site footer and sign up for our email list to say in the loop with the MAP Project!