‘I am not the Enemy’, the follow-up presentation to the world renowned show, ‘You Don’t Know Me Until You Know Me’, has Dr. Mykee Fowlin, once again addressing the question of who we are and the labels others place upon us. This show was inspired by a tee shirt carried by the store, Hot Topic. The shirt simply stated, ‘I am not the enemy’. Dr. Mykee was inspired by its profound concept.

Dr. Mykee began asking multiple questions: Who is the enemy? In what countries do they live? What languages do they speak? What titles do they hold? What crimes have they committed? What clothes do they wear? What illnesses do they have? What are their abilities, or lack thereof? Does questioning the majority system relegate one into this category of enemy? And if we continue to finger point all the supposed enemies, will not the fingers eventually aim back at ourselves?

As is his style, Dr. Mykee slips in and out of multiple character monologues, along with original poems, connecting each story with a previous or future character in the show. He masterfully weaves humor and tragedy, sarcasm and insight into an 80 minute journey that leaves audiences contemplating how they can be more accepting of their flaws, and ultimately, embracing and/or forgiving the shortcomings of others.

In the closing words of ‘I am not the enemy’, Dr. Mykee leaves the audience with this message: “Who is my enemy? Perhaps all along I failed to see that my true enemy has always and only been me.”