John Morello

Actor, Comedian, Poet, School Assemblies

For twelve years John has been traveling the country and performing in crowded theaters, basement classrooms, small towns, and big cities. Regardless of the setting, he is always overwhelmed by the response he gets from young people, educators, and parents.


Chris Irving and the Miller Institute

For Leadership and Diversity in America

The Ceceilyn Miller Institute for Leadership and Diversity in America (CMI) is one of America's most innovative leadership and diversity training non-profit organizations.


Mark Farrell

Motivational Speaker

Mark Farrell will steer you on a journey—he aims to inspire, educate and entertain. Mark is a speaker, radio talk show host and on-camera personality.


Tania Alexandra


Often described as quirky and kind, Tania Alexandra’s music captures her love of the authentic oddities of life and the spirit that lies within them. She is an award winning performing songwriter, recording artist, music and movement specialist, session vocalist, and arranger.

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