Dear children:

You may find that one day people will say false things about who you are. They will spread rumors about your character that holds no truth. They may even suggest things about who you are that is damning. They may attempt or succeed at poisoning the minds of others who cannot think for themselves. They may accuse you of wrongdoing when you have lived honorably. They may attack and mislabel you. They may even call you a hypocrite or a false prophet when your words strike deep at the core of Truth.

Be comforted by all of this my children. And know that “great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre Minds.” These are the words of the great Albert Einstein. “To thine own self be true.” These are the words of William Shakespeare. Your individual voice will always be greater than any group identity if you want to save this world. These are my words, my children. I have lived these words and I have suffered because of this truth. I am so grateful for it all. Those who come against me, and those who come against you, shall fail; for the weapons they have drawn are impotent compared to the weapons within us. 

The truth shall set you free.” These are the words of the beloved Jesus.