So,  for all of you who are parents, siblings, friends, and others, I know you’ve repeated the concept, to other loved ones, “Other people have it worse than you”, especially you parents. Chew on this one, as that statement is one of my biggest pet peeves. 

Now, think about what your child does well. And every time they feel good about their talents and gifts, I want you to say to them, “You shouldn’t feel good about that because other people do it better than you”. 

Sound ridiculous? Well, every time they tell you about their pain, and you ‘console’ them with, “but other people have it worse”, it shares the same equivalency. 

Don’t beat yourself up for this. You now have time to correct it. I know you were taught by your parents to say the same non reflective statement. I am just turning that box that you’ve been comfortable looking at to another angle and having you look at it and ask yourself, ‘what do I see?’.