Saturday (not so) random thoughts. 

I do not dictate what my children’s future will be. They can choose freely the road that will make them find peace. However, there are a few professions where I would feel disheartened if they chose to go that route.

In the order of least to most annoying, it follows:

1. President of the United States 

2. Family Court lawyer

3. Town or city parking violation officer 

Outside of being the most stressful job possible, I think that the president of the United States faces an interesting dilemma: How do you govern a country when all too often at least half its citizens do not support you, and a smaller portion of these opponents wish ill or death upon you?

Having experienced firsthand the frustration, pain, and injustice of the court system, I think Family Court Lawyers, for the most part, are part of the problem, not the solution, of what is wrong with family court. It would rip me apart if any of my children became a family court lawyer and caused more burden in other people’s lives. 

Town or city parking violation officers wake up every morning with the knowledge that they are only making people’s lives worse. They do no good, in their jobs, beyond causing more stress. Need I say  more?