You can uninstall Webroot from your computer by following these simple steps: You will need to be able to open a new dialog box on your computer for this step. Click Start> Programs> System and Maintenance> Add/Remove Programs> You will see a directory of programs on your computer system that are at present uninstalled. To eliminate the Webroot, click on every one to remove it from your laptop. After you’ve taken out all the applications from your computer system that you don’t want on your storage device, it’s time to check for software called Webroot Professional. It ought to be located in Applications & Features.

If the Antivirus security software wasn’t installed through Atera, this program will automatically remove it on your computer system by clicking Continue. Otherwise, you could basically remove Webroot by using the Uninstall Webroot button at the Control Panel webpage on your computer, or by downloading it and making use of the Uninstall Webroot button over the Download Administrator application on your pc. The Remove Webroot key will allow you to select which courses you want to take out. To ensure that the do away with process is successful, restart your computer and then follow the same techniques above to setup the Webroot Professional program again.

In a nutshell, the only way to totally uninstall Webroot is to take out this as it came on your program, but which may not always be possible with some versions of this antivirus application. If you’re unsure whether or not the software has become infected while using the Webroot computer, there is a basic way to confirm this: work the full typical anti virus scan effortlessly them, which includes Webroot Professional. If the results list Webroot as being in your list of infections, then you have trouble. Other anti virus products may perhaps list Webroot as a malware, but this is rare. We have tested almost all of the antivirus goods we work with on our very own computers and possess found none will take away the Webroot request from your pc.